Learning from Experiences is one of THE most efficient way to gain new knowledge inspiration and insights. With this format we bring the world of Senior Leadership Experiences to you! In 90 Minute Online Session we engage with Senior Executives from around the world and discuss current topics on leadership e.g. Strategy, Mentoring, Performance Management, Diversity, etc. On a monthly basis we are hosting these learning events which can be easily integrated in our dayly work routine.

This event is held in english

Gen Y & Z and the Workplace: Blessing or Curse?

Look forward to an exciting evening with Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel on 25 October at 6 pm (virtual on Zoom). A renowned expert in organisational and human resource development, Dr Kronbügel has more than twenty years of experience in sales, marketing and business development.

As managing partner of Global DiVision, she proves how the synergy of internationality, interculturality and consideration of local conditions makes people and companies successful in the long term. With her holistic approach, she puts people at the centre and facilitates individual development processes.

She is a sought-after consultant, trainer and coach who contributes her experience as a keynote speaker, especially in the field of Education 4.0. In this context, Dr Kronbügel shows that digitalisation creates new opportunities in educational processes across the lifespan.

Take the chance to learn from Dr. Monika V. Kronbügel and register for the next CEO & C-Level Voices. As always, participation is free of charge.


Managing Partner of Global DiVision | Expert for Organisational and Human Resource Development


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