First cohort of the ‘Women in Leadership’ Online programme celebrates its graduation

In November 2022, after an intensive and inspiring eleven weeks, the first cohort successfully completed the new Kempten Business School course ‘Women in Leadership’. Due to the exceptionally positive feedback from the participants and the tutors, the next course start is already planned for April 2023. But read for yourself what tutor Nicola Bramwell has to share about the first cohort of women leaders.

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In September 2022, Kempten Business School launched its new program for Women in Leadership. The 11 week online course combined all you would expect from a leadership program, with a unique twist to go further and develop outstanding collaborative female leaders. Nicola Bramwell is one of the tutors of the programme ‘Women in Leadership’. On the occasion of the closure of the first cohort, she shares her experiences with the graduates:

In November, we celebrated the close with the first cohort of incredible women. These women demonstrated how they piece together all aspects of who they are, how they guide their teams through the calm and the storms, and still focus on the overall performance of the businesses in which they work. 

They committed to personal ongoing learning, as well as sharing their learning to lift up others. They are committed to expand their networks though mentorship. They committed to stand up for their own opinions, to say no when needed and to not being seen as nice, cute or fluffy!

"These are the women who can say 'I bring value'. These are the women who have self-confidence and self-trust. These are the women businesses need today!"

Portrait of a woman with blond hair and pink lips

Nicola Bramwell

Internationally renowned speaker, MBA, business leader, board executive and author

I am proud to work with such women who have a passion to make a difference for themselves, their teams and their organizations!