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Women in Leadership Certificate Course

With all you would expect from a leadership program, this unique course seeks to go further and develop outstanding collaborative female leaders. With eleven weeks of virtual learning, you will broaden your skills and competencies for successful business management and leadership, as well as delve into the challenges for women in a male-defined world. Through online learning packages, live webinars, coaching and networking we will address how women can develop the self-confidence necessary to step forward and lead.

  • English
  • Online
  • 3 Months
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At a glance

Duration 11 Weeks
Start: April 2024 Course held in German
Start: Sept. 2024 Course held in English
Format Live Online
Price 3.500 Euro

Learning Goals

What will you achive?

The programme is aimed at stimulating reflection and actions to drive leadership for the future.

Developing outstanding female leaders able to build diverse teams and work collaboratively
Securing knowledge of managing and leading people for delivering long term organizational success
Challenge thinking and encouraging openness to the workplace changes still required for inclusion
Understanding the current business environment and enablers for change at the organizational level
Reflecting upon and developing the skills and competencies required to navigate changes to be a successful woman in leadership
Addressing the common challenges for many women: lack of self-confidence, low ambiguiaty tolerance and avoiding conflict
Improving individual value creation and how to share this with others
Building and applying skills for how to create an environment in which others can succeed, based on solid business focus and a leadership style most effective for collaboration

Programme Structure

The course is divided into 3 modules and utilizes proven academic theory and practical application in global businesses:


Divsersity in the business world

  • The Power of Diversity
  • Self-Imposed Barriers, Image & Projection
  • Overcoming Institutional Barriers
  • How to Lead Diverse Teams

Confidence and aptitude as success drivers

  • Attitudes, Bias & Attribution
  • Lifelong Learning Plans
  • Communications & Emotionsl Intelligence
  • Management, Leadership & HR Tasks

Developing Self and others

  • Engaging in Networking
  • Developing Others
  • Coaching & Mentoring
Your leadership seminar takes place digitally. Look forward to online learning packages, live webinars, coaching and networking.
Focus Topics

Core Knowledge
Attiduinal Challenges
Leadership Competencies

Kempten Business School is the institute for professional development at Kempten University of Applied Sciences.

Your Tutors

Let’s connect

The program leader is Professor Dr Katrin Winkler, Head of Kempten Business School, leadership coach, speaker, author and HR expert. Alongside Professor Winkler, other internationally renowned speakers will include Nicola Bramwell MBA, business leader, board executive and author; Sabine Decker, lawyer, consultant and long term leader in a male driven environment as well as Sabine Hoffmeister, Leadership Coach, Psychologist and Speaker.

Prof. Dr. Katrin Winkler
Nicola Bramwell
Sabine Hoffmeister
Sabine Decker

future of leadership

The old world of hierarchic, restrictive, rigid and highly competitive management based on control is over. The new world is collaborative, agile, people oriented and based on trust. It is a world where women are well placed to succeed when they have the confidence and aptitude to do so! The future of leadership is DIFFERENT:


when do I start?

During the eleven learning weeks you will be expected to undertake approximately 4 hours of live or recorded sessions and tasks.

We integrate new ways of adult education and focus on interaction and exchange of experiences. All materials will be available via an online platform that you will receive access to.

Who should apply for online women in leadership?

The program is designed for female managers aiming to develop core knowledge and skills to be applied immediately in the workplace. Ideally you will have 2-5 years management experience and ambition to develop as a role model for other women.  

How to register?

Any Questions?

Just send us an email at [email protected]. We will be pleased to assist you.