Katrin Winkler awarded the Johanna Loewenherz Prize

Prof. Dr Katrin Winkler, Head of Kempten Business School, has been awarded the prestigious Johanna Loewenherz Prize in recognition of her outstanding services to the promotion of women’s rights and equality in the academic and professional environment. The award ceremony took place on Thursday, 16 November.

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Prof Dr Winkler, who has worked at Kempten University of Applied Sciences since 2009, has distinguished herself in particular through her innovative work in the field of digital education and transformation as well as her commitment to equality for women in the academic world. “You have to know the rules of the male world and have the courage to play along,” said Winkler in a recent interview, in which she addressed the challenges and opportunities for women in traditionally male-dominated fields. The full interview with the “General Anzeiger” newspaper from North Rhine-Westphalia is available as a PDF download opposite (only in German).

The award honours the life’s work of Johanna Loewenherz, a committed women’s rights activist and politician of the 19th century, and is presented annually to women who have rendered outstanding services to the cause of women. “This award is a confirmation of our efforts not only to fight for equality for women, but also for a culture of cooperation and mutual respect,” explained Winkler.

Prof. Dr Winkler, who also heads the Institute for Digital Transformation in Work, Education and Society at Kempten University of Applied Sciences, emphasised the importance of networks and mentorship for women: “It is important that women also articulate this. Whenever I meet new great women, we also address this topic – under the heading of inspiring each other.” She emphasises that success is not achieved through competition, but through mutual support and encouragement.

Kempten Business School congratulates Prof. Dr Katrin Winkler on this outstanding honour and is proud to have such an inspirational leader at Kempten University who continues to make a significant contribution to gender equality and the advancement of women in academia and beyond.


The full interview with Prof Dr Katrin Winkler in the North Rhine-Westphalian newspaper ‘General Anzeiger’ can be downloaded here (only in German):

Online-Program for female leaders

Katrin Winkler offers the online course ‘Women in Leadership’ together with other experienced mentors. The course focuses on leadership skills, networking and 1:1 coaching specifically for women with leadership ambitions. Next course start: April 2024