WE are the
Kempten business school

We offer part-time bachelor’s, master’s and MBA programmes with innovative specialisations and short programmes such as courses or as a modular structure. Our knowledge bases are IT and Technology, Coaching and Psychology, Energy Management, Management and Business Administration, and Health and Social Sciences.

Who are we and what drives us?

Our mission

The Kempten Business School offers a wide range of part-time degree programmes and continuing education courses that are tailored to meet the demands of today’s world. The great social challenges such as climate change, globalisation or digitalisation have a direct influence on our work environment. We offer practice-oriented know-how and future skills with which our students can actively shape their careers and meet challenges. In addition to academic knowledge transfer at the cutting edge of research, the focus is on our students’ professional and personal development.  

Our vision

The Kempten Business School is a leading provider of part-time and career-oriented continuing education programmes in Europe. In addition to face-to-face programmes in Kempten, the school also offers future-oriented, digital courses as well as easily accessible further education programmes that provide a broad base with practice-oriented and cutting-edge knowledge using an agile approach.  

Our students

The students at Kempten Business School comprise of a cross-section of different age groups and branches of business. They all share a common goal: to qualify for high-profile professional and leadership roles.