Hochschule Kempten
Kempten Business School
Building A
Bahnhofstraße 61
87435 Kempten (Allgäu)

  • +49 (0) 831 2523-125

Daily from 8 am to 12.30 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm (except Fridays).

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Luftaufnahme des Campus der Hochschule Kempten

KBS executive board

Katrin Winkler smiles. She has brown hair

Prof. Dr. Katrin Winkler

A portrait of Prof. Dr. Michael Lenke wearing glasses. He smiles.

Prof. Dr. Michael Lenke


Portrait of Patricia Massmann with blonde hair

Patricia Massmann

KBS ProgrammE ManagemeNT & Course Coordination

Portrait of Astrid Menzl with brown hair and glasses.

Astrid Menzl

  • MBA International Business Management & Leadership
  • Sales
Portrait of Lena Tyczka with blond hair

Lena Tyczka

  • Course Automation Technology and Robotics
  • Course Cloud Computing
  • Course Data Science & Business Analytics
  • Kurs Social Management
  • Course Technology for Business Economists
  • Master Business Psychologie
  • Qualification ‘Heimleiterschein’
  • System-Management
Portrait of Heike Schöll with blond hair and glasses

Heike Schöll

  • Course Business Coaching
  • Course Coaching & Consulting 4.0
  • Master Consultancy, Organisational Development and Coaching
Portrait of Sarah Siebenson with brown curls

Sarah Siebenson

  • Bachelor Business Administration
  • Course Controlling & Projectmanagement
  • Course Women in Leadership
  • Master Energy Systems and Industry
  • Quality management & process management
  • System-Management

KBS Marketing

Katharina Ehses

Portrait of Gabriele Kühn with brown hair

Gabriele Kühn

Alyssa Stefani


Avatar for team members without photo

Fatih Armutcu

Portrait of Josette Penka Fogne with dark skin and glasses

Josette Penka Fogne


Avatar for team members without photo

Isabel Lenke

Portrait of Jonah Schroeder with blond hair and glasses

Jonah Schroeder