Learning from Experiences is one of THE most efficient way to gain new knowledge inspiration and insights. With this format we bring the world of Senior Leadership Experiences to you! In 90 Minute Online Session we engage with Senior Executives from around the world and discuss current topics on leadership e.g. Strategy, Mentoring, Performance Management, Diversity, etc. On a monthly basis we are hosting these learning events which can be easily integrated in our dayly work routine.

This event is held in english

Upcoming Event: Positive Leadership

Our guest speaker Dr Thomas Schweins, Senior Vice President (Life Science Business Area) at QIAGEN, will speak on the topic of “Positive Leadership” on Tuesday, 20 June 2023 at 6pm.

Dr Schweins has many years of experience in leadership and will give us valuable insights into his approach to positive and effective leadership. His expertise and inspirational leadership style have helped QIAGEN become a leader in the life science industry.

This event is the perfect opportunity to learn from an experienced leader and benefit from his experience and insights. Register now and secure your place for “CEO & C-Level Voices” with Dr Thomas Schweins.

Dr. Thomas Schweins

Senior Vice President (Life Science Business Area) at QIAGEN


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