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Continuing education is the key to success and progress in your professional life. If you are seeking a change of direction or trying to reorient yourself, a part-time further education might just be the right choice for you. Whether you decide to enrol in a part-time study programme or take a course – we are here to guide your progress. Don’t stop growing and learning. Stay curious. It’s all about you.

Finding what’s right for you

Find out what suits you from a wide range of courses we offer. You could choose either a bachelor’s or a master’s degree programmes. We even offer shorter programmes, such as our certificate courses or courses which are structured into modules – find what suits your interests and needs. It doesn´t matter what you choose, we provide the quality that really matters.

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kempten MBA

Grow as a leader

Join the Kempten MBA program and develop yourself, enhance your leadership skills and systematically develop your emotions intelligence to become a good leader.

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top Event


Learning from Experiences is one of THE most efficient way to gain new knowledge inspiration and insights. With this format we bring the world of Senior Leadership Experiences to you!

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Online Course

Women in Leadership

With all you would expect from a leadership program, this unique course seeks to go further and develop outstanding collaborative female leaders.

Great Reasons

Your continuing education at Kempten Business School is


You would benefit from our state-approved and accredited programmes, through which you can demonstrate that you really have something to offer. Our quality management ensures high standards of teaching with high-quality content and well-structured time schedules.


The great challenges facing our society, such as climate change, globalisation, or digitalisation, have a direct influence on our work environment. We will provide you with practice-oriented know-how and future skills that you can use to actively shape the future and meet its challenges.


Our faculty includes academic experts with extensive knowledge and professionals with hands-on experience. You will learn with the help of case studies and will also try out things yourselves, as it is not only about acquiring knowledge, but also about gathering experience and transferring it to your own everyday work life.


Our flexible study programmes allow you to balance work, family, and free time. We plan the programme individually for you, check any credit transfer options and find solutions with you if things don’t go as planned.


Our campus is small which is an advantage. We are there to support you in person right from your very first question all the way through to the completion of the programme. You are closely connected to your faculty and fellow students. This network is something you take with you and will continue to profit from for years to come.

KBS Management

Creating innovative and future-focused professional development is our objective. As roles and activities change in the era of digitalisation, this calls for new skillsets. Our professional development programme thus adopts cutting-edge approaches to learning to get participants fit for the future.
Professor Katrin Winkler (Director of the Kempten Business School)
Katrin Winkler smiles. She has brown hair
As a provider of academic professional development at Kempten University of Applied Sciences, we want to teach the practically focused knowledge and skills that will equip our students to actively shape the future and master challenges.
Professor Michael Lenke (Director of the Kempten Business School)
A portrait of Prof. Dr. Michael Lenke wearing glasses

NewS from kempten business school


Festive honour for Prof. Dr. Katrin Winkler

Prof Dr Winkler, who has worked at Kempten University of Applied Sciences since 2009, has established herself as an expert in the fields of digital education, transformation and the advancement of women in science. She emphasises: “It is not enough to simply understand the rules of the male-dominated business world; …


Katrin Winkler awarded the Johanna Loewenherz Prize

Prof Dr Winkler, who has worked at Kempten University of Applied Sciences since 2009, has distinguished herself in particular through her innovative work in the field of digital education and transformation as well as her commitment to equality for women in the academic world. “You have to know the rules …


key success factors for leadership by peer m. schatz

It was with great pleasure to welcome Peer M. Schatz, entrepreneur, executive, investor and Managing Director of PS Capital as guest speaker to the KBS Women in Leadership event. Not only is Peer Schatz a strong advocate for diversity, he truly believes the business world needs more women in senior …